Aliza amar

AlizaBreaking the Silence Together

Aliza Amar, Founder/Director

Aliza founded Breaking The Silence – Courage to Speak in 2005. After completing her service in the Israeli army she aspired to make a life in the big city of Tel-Aviv, and left the Kibbutz community, where she lived. She responded to a newspaper ad, and went to her first job interview. At the interview Aliza was raped, it was recorded on tape, which was then distributed as pornography. After many years personal anguish, shame, mental torment, and much therapy Aliza gathered the courage to speak out and take her story to the masses.

She organized and participated in a 500K Cross-country bike ride, and a 160K walk to generate and create change in the Israeli law system, for which she received national attention from the media. Her courage to share her story inspired hundreds and thousands of people to open up and share their story too. This immense public response motivated her to continue as a public speaker. Her extensive public speaking engagements have included training and educating psychotherapists, social workers, doctors, teachers, nurses and others on how to deal with rape trauma victims.

Aliza had the opportunity to meet with world leaders such as Israeli president Simon Peres, a Buddhist nun from Thailand, Mae Chee Sansane – co-chair for the global peace initiative of women, and she had a public audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India. These meetings further encouraged her to reach out.

Aliza’s goal is to generate discussions throughout society, where the subject of rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking will no longer be shameful to talk about. Through conversation, healing will unfold, and eradication of these crimes will become paramount.

Aliza created Breaking The Silence – Courage to Speak, to break the silence about the growing epidemic of rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Her mission is to encourage other women and girls do the same all over the world.