Kathi HardyKathi Hardy, Founder/Director

Freedom From Exploitation



I am a recovering drug addict, alcoholic and former prostitute and was homeless on the streets of San Diego, CA. By the grace of God, I have been soberand off the streets since 1993. Since that time I have dedicated much of my time helping those who were in the same situation. In 2003 I meet Marisa Ugarte, Executive Director of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, who taught me about Human Trafficking and all of it’s ugly faces.

Since I started my path in recovery, I participate in San Diego’s “Prostitution Impact Panel” who has seen over 808 men, with a 3.5% recidivism rate. We started the Survivors of the Streets group, which the City Attorney’s office utilizes as a First Offender Diversion Program for adults who were picked up for prostitution activities. Many of these have been victims of Human Trafficking; we have had over 700 participants. We go to Juvenile Hall and do groups with Child Welfare participants. We have seen hundreds of children who have been victimized, with the goal to reeducate them so they may lead healthier lifestyles.

Our program has won the Norma Hotaling Award, Chief’s Award from San Diego County Juvenile Probation, and recognition by New Alternatives, Inc. In San Diego, CA.

If you are interested in participating in any of our groups, please call me, Kathi Hardy, at 619-459-4877.