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Marjorie Saylor has been active in local and faith based communities assisting groups to understand the trauma from the perspective of victims of child sexual abuse and sexual assault as a teenage girl. She explains vulnerabilities and risks of human trafficking, as she shares her story of hope and reclaiming her life. Marjorie is a mother and spends time mentoring young girls, as well as families that are struggling with the impact and reality of abuse. As a student at Palomar College she is studying Psychology and Criminal Justice. She has been called on by her current professors to offer victim centered presentations on human trafficking, domestic violence, and the dangers of pornography. She sees sharing as an opportunity to shed light on an issue that has a global impact on the life and health of women and children.

As a full-time student and mother she is determined to work toward a better world for her daughter, and all children who have experienced suffering. As a survivor of child abuse and sexual assault, Marjorie understands the possible push factors that victims of sexual exploitation may experience. Her experience as a survivor of trafficking as a young adult, makes her aware that not every person who is trafficked understands immediately that they have been victimized, coerced, or forced into a situation that will result in threats of violence, rape and overall psychological, spiritual and social harms. Her additional experience with domestic violence is not told as an isolated incident, but as part of a spectrum of abuse and harm that began as a child.

Marjorie’s commitment to fight against human trafficking is apparent in her active participation in the following events, activities, and trainings:

  • March 2014: Joined Treasures Ministry in LA and completed their training program in outreach to women in the adult industry.
  • August of 2014: Teamed up with Carissa Phelps and became an affiliate of Runaway Girl Inc. as a Subject Matter Expert and began her training to be able to train law enforcement and the community in response and protocol to child victims of CSEC. She is still currently with RG and here is a word from Carissa Phelps “We are fortunate to have Marjorie Saylor as part of the RG team, as she inspires and instructs us on how to find hope and be a support for those in need”
  • December 2014: Participated in a survivor led panel organized by Rachel Thomas with Sowers Education Group for 9th grade girls at a annual youth conference sponsored by LAPD.
  • January 2015: Joined with a group of local survivors and Project Hope to march along side Senator Marty Block and Generate Hope in San Diego in recognition of the national human trafficking awareness day.
  • January 2015: Volunteered with Operation Safehouse and the Riverside County Human Trafficking Task Force in a Day Of Action where she took state mandated awareness posters to businesses that are required to have the information posted in view of the public.
  • February 2015: Honored to share the stage with Ernie Allen, founder of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and Mr. Kenneth Morris Jr. who is the great, great, great grandson of abolitionist Fredrick Douglas and also great, great grandson of Booker T. Washington at the fourth annual Justice Matters Conference in Murrieta as their main survivor speaker.

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